We Help Attorneys Increase Profits

Using big data & Artificial Intelligence, we give personal injury and family law attorneys the unique ability to gain more high-quality leads and dominate.

Big Data

Because we track such massive amounts of data, we know exactly which individuals are ready to be your next client.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our automatic feedback routines get better results each month as we learn exactly what people do before they hire you.

Personal Attention

Along with all this technology, we always give you the personal attention you need to succeed. We guide you through it all.

Imagine Having the Unique Ability...

...to identify the specific individuals who are currently in the market for exactly what you offer. If you had an exact identifier for each of them, such as their email address, would you save money and be more effective by marketing specifically to that small group?

This is Exactly What We Do!

This includes 40 billion URLs and searches every day. This enables us to identify and target the exact people who are getting ready to become a client.

We create campaigns that start conversations and draw them into your business... before your competition even has a chance.

We Target the Needles, not the Haystack.

This means you can show up cheaper, more often, and on any platform. Our clients see a 25% to 75% drop in cost per customer. All this brings higher profits.

Our Technology and Methodology

We use these advanced technologies to form a feedback loop which achieves even better results month over month for all our clients to keep building their advantage.

At the same time, our campaign managers stay in touch to ensure not only a smooth and quick setup, but continuous improvement through regular communication.

Ready to Gain More Clients and More Profits?