We Help Attorneys Dominate Locally

Our proprietary process uses Artificial Intelligence and cutting-edge techniques to capture both those that are searching and those that have not begun their search for your legal services.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our automatic feedback routines get better results each month as our systems learn exactly who your best client is (even before they start looking).

Local Domination

As soon as someone begins their search in your local area, we have you at the top of those results. You will be their first choice.

Personal Attention

We always provide the personal attention you need to succeed. We work with you and your team, guiding and training you along the way.

Imagine that Starting Tomorrow...

...we put you in front of the exact individuals that need your legal services. We have the experience and the unique data that can do this in your local area. You will be in front of them before they even begin their search.

We Deliver These Clients to You!

Our data and targeting means that we do not have to advertise to everyone. Rather, we target the exact clients in your local area and draw them in to become leads.

Hunting down leads can be frustrating and time-consuming. We are experts at it and simply deliver actual clients instead of leads that cost you time and energy.

We Don't Stop!

To completely dominate, you need to out-rank your competitors. You need a strong reputation with credible reviews. You need to be visible and look your best. We know the exact process to get you there. We will put our 20 years of experience to work for you to dominate your local area.

Our Technology and Methodology

Our AI, big data, and feedback loops create incredible results quickly. Plus, we automatically improve over time. Our experience and processes are combined to build what we call the "Local Area Domination" system for law firms.

At the same time, our campaign managers stay in touch to ensure a smooth and quick setup. Then, they ensure continuous improvement through regular communication.

Curious about our "Local Area Domination" process?