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Don't leave success to chance. Every month, we do the hard work that increases rankings, traffic, and leads. The best part? We measure and share the results with you along the way.

"Launch My Firm"

Starting out on your own? Our "Launch My Firm" proprietary process provides all you need to launch (or to re-launch) your practice.

Imagine that Starting Tomorrow...

...we put you in front of the exact individuals that need you!

After all, there are plenty of individuals that need what you do. You can help them. You simply need to be there. We do this.

We know what works best for attorneys.

We don't offer everything. We offer what works. We've figured it out.
We don't waste our time or your money on what does not.

Our 3-Step "Launch My Firm" Process for Attorneys

Website Launch

Let us build your website. Your site will include the features that we know result in gaining leads. But not just the website. We build your social profiles, local Google pages and more. We build it all in the background and launch it live when you are ready.

Traffic Launch

At go-live, we launch your website, press releases, social profiles, Google pages and more to give you the best start (or re-start) possible. Just like a rocket, getting off the ground requires the greatest effort. We know how. We can get you launched.

Build Momentum

After the initial surge, we build on it. Once momentum is started, it is easier to keep it going, but analytics, growth, and improvement are all a part of what we offer to keep the growth on track and measurable. We report monthly on what matters.

We Can Prove Your Success

After years of talking to attorneys, we probably know what you want. More clients, but the right clients. No waste, more results. Steady growth and constant improvement. Our simple reporting gives you the peace of mind you want, too.

Don't listen to false promises of unlimited leads at low cost. It's time to focus on what works. We do the hard work of increasing your traffic and improving your conversion rates. We work month in and month out to increase your leads. Then, we prove it.

Smart Strategy Wins

To completely dominate, you need to out-rank your competitors. You need a strong reputation with credible reviews. You need to be visible and look your best. We know the exact process to get you there.

If you are starting (or re-starting), we can launch your law firm. If you simply want to grow or switch your existing law firm, we can do that too. Either way, we will put our 20 years of experience to work for you to dominate your local area.

Our Technology and Methodology

Our experience and processes are combined to build what lawyers need. We are constantly using the best tools available to make sure you are on the front line of what is possible.

At the same time, our campaign managers stay in touch to ensure a smooth and quick launch. Then, they ensure continuous improvement through regular communication.

Currently with a law firm? We work on the pre-launch privately if necessary. Contact us for details.

Is "Launch My Firm" for You?

Questions Lawyers Typically Ask Us

Who is "Launch My Firm" for?
The "Launch My Firm" (LMF) process is specifically designed to create the massive push that can jump start a firm that is just starting out. It is designed to give a new firm the extra boost they need to not only have an appealing presence online, but to start attracting leads. It is not just a website, it is all the extra stuff that causes a website to be found and ranked on Google, Google Maps, and elsewhere. We believe it is the best way for any lawyer to start (or re-start) a practice, no matter how small or large it is.
What does "Launch My Firm" include?
Everything you need. More specifically, an optimized website, an optimized Google My Business listing and site, social media profiles, press releases and distribution of them. We also build listings on national directories, local directories, and lawyer directories. We then make sure you are listed on all search engines, including Siri, Alexa, Google Voice, and all mapping programs. All of this (and more) builds quick credibility with Google and causes them to notice and rank you far quicker than if you did all this over time.
How can I get more leads for my Law Firm?
Many other marketing agencies claim to bring leads at a low cost. We have tried many of these ourselves. However, don't be fooled. Cheap leads tend to be bad leads and waste your time and your employer's time. After much testing and effort, we have found that the best method for gaining leads is a combination of these three things: 1.) A website that is conversion-optimized 2.) Search Engine Optimization (esp. for local) and 3.) Remarketing and reporting to ensure success and repeat visits.
I work at a law firm and want to go out on my own. Can you help?
Definitely. Let's talk. We'll keep things confidential and work within your timeline.
I work at a law firm and want to market it. Can you help?
Yes. This is what we have been doing for years. Our "Launch My Firm" process is not the only thing we do. We are happy to build on the momentum you already have and take your existing law firm to the next level.
Do you have examples I can see?
Sure. Just ask. We'll be happy to show what we're capable of.