About Us

Our Team

  • Corey Creed

    Corey is our CEO, technology nanager, and marketing manager. He has been serving clients as an agency owner since 2003. As such, he has always been facinated with getting results for clients by using all forms of online marketing. Currently, Corey is now focused on the latest technologies of AI and Big Data because it achieves unbelievable results for clients.

  • Ryan Courteau

    Ryan manages our client relationships and sales. He enjoys working with and getting to know each and every one of our clients. He makes sure that they each get the best results possible and understand how to effectively take advantage of all that we offer at Rhino AI Marketing. He has been a partner and owner of Rhino AI Marketing since 2014.

  • RAIMond the Robot

    RAIMond is the official mascot of Rhino AI Marketing. He strives to take over the world, as all robots do. In the meantime, he works on all the big data and Artificial Intelligence for our clients. We also make him vacuum the office to keep him humble. For this reason, we hope the robot uprising does not happen anytime soon.





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Orlando, FL Area

Our Technology and Marketing teams are located in central Florida near Orlando, FL

Charlotte, NC Area

Our Client Relationships and Advertising teams are located in central North Carolina, near Charlotte, NC.


Rhino AI Marketing is primarily a virtual agency. Everyone in our agency works hard for our clients. We enjoy regularly connecting in person, but communicate every day online to be most effective and efficient.