How We Get More Clients for PI Attorneys

Because we are an agency that specializes in working with personal injury attorneys, my partners and I speak to them day in and day out every month of the year. When you talk to as many as we do on a daily basis, you notice trends.

For example, almost every PI attorney wants more clients. I say “almost” because there are some that are quite content with a small number of clients that simply come from referrals. But even those attorneys wish they had “better” or “more profitable” clients.

In every situation, increasing the quantity and/or quality of incoming clients is something they all want.

Options for Getting More Clients

To start, almost every law firm starts with networking and referrals. They then move on to various forms of advertising. But often they find that advertising “costs too much” or it “just doesn’t bring results”. This can be especially frustrating when they see the big companies which seem to have unlimited budgets and can afford billboards, television commercials and more.

Plus, the options seem endless. There are lots of offline options that mostly fall under the umbrella of branding. But there are numerous online options as well. I have been doing all forms of online marketing since 2002 and will write about the pros and cons of the major categories of online options in another post.

We Specialize

To cut through all of this, we specialize. It’s obvious we specialize in working with personal injury law firms and attorneys. But we have also chosen to specialize in online advertising.

Online advertising has some distinct advantages. Foremost is that the technology that allows us to target the exact persons looking for what you offer gives us a competitive edge. Also, it is constantly improving. This allows us to stay ahead. It can be “turned on” quickly. It can be measured and monitored better than any other form of online marketing.

How WE Do It

To get good at this is important. But to be good at online advertising specifically for personal injury lawyers is a real challenge. We break it into the main parts and focus on improving each. They are listed below.

TARGETING: In this, we use big data and artificial intelligence to find exactly who in your market is looking for what you offer. We don’t just rely on targeting from Google and Facebook. This gives us a massive advantage because we target the needles, not the haystack.

ADVERTISING: Experience and monitoring what works over time gives us a competitive advantage here. We constantly test what works for other personal injury attorneys. When we find what works, guess what? It can work for you in your location.

FUNNELS: The unique combination of ads and custom landing pages with just the right images and questions results in more leads for every client we work with. Over time, the more we do this, the better we get at it. You gain that experience immediately by starting with us.

FOLLOW-UP: We have our own unique system for what to do with leads as soon as they connect with us. In short, we have a set of very effective text messages, emails, and even voicemails that you pre-record and we automate. This results in leads not just going cold, but rather interacting with you quickly.

CLOSED LOOP LEARNING: We do all of this every day of every year specifically for personal injury attorneys. We don’t just learn from all this. We automate the learning with Artificial Intelligence and use Big Data to fine-tune exactly who we will target next. What worked before feeds into what will work now and in the future.

The above is only the basics of what we do every day at Rhino AI Marketing. Because we have a history of doing this at a high level, our results are predictable. We have baselines we would love to share with you. Simply book a call here or review our FAQs here. Let’s see how we can put our expertise to work getting you a solid ROI and more clients!