Information and FAQs

The Technology

What is Big Data? How could it help me?
Big Data involves gaining massive amounts of data from various sources that can be analyzed and systematically extracted for your firm. More specifically, at Rhino AI Marketing we track 40 billion urls and online searches every day. We are tracking more and more signals like this over time. We analyze all this data to clearly identify exactly who is about to hire an attorney in your area, before your competitors can.
What is Artificial Intelligence? How would it help me?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) can mean different things to different people. Simply put, it means using computers or machines to do powerful tasks that are simply not capable by humans. They can then perform functions that humans would normally consider "learning" and "problem solving". We use this capability to form a closed loop analysis to not only identify the people that will need your services, but to get better and better at doing so.
What exactly do you track? How?
We track over 225 million web users and over 40 billion urls and searches every day. This is done through strategic partnerships and HTTP cookies. To learn more about exactly how we do this, click the big red button at the top of this page to start a conversation.
If you know who wants to hire an attorney, can I just call them?
Technically, you could. But our experience proves that advertising to them on various platforms and educating them builds trust and results in them reaching out to you. This works best and is therefore what we do. You make yourself visible, build credibility, and become the natural choice when they are ready.

The Results

What results should I expect?
You should expect to have a steady stream of prospects delivered to you that you can interact with. Your exact results will depend on your location and ability to turn these prospects into sales. When you reach out to us, we'll discuss your specific needs and desires. We will also share our proven baseline metrics based on our experience.
Can you automate the follow-up with each prospect?
Of course we can. Every one of our clients is given free access to our CRM software. It automatically sends text messages, emails, and even pre-recorded voicemails to your prospects, increasing the chances of starting a conversation that will naturally lead to new clients for you.
Can you integrate with the CRM our intake department already uses?
Definitely! We are happy to use tools such as Zapier to enable the smooth flow of prospects into your CRM. Your intake department or other designated individuals can then follow up as they always do with these additional prospects.
Can you give me more specifics on what I can expect to gain?
Yes. Simply press the button at the top of the page to book a free strategy call. We have standard questions that we will ask you. We can then offer you more specific details specific to your firm. We can also answer any other questions you have.

The Company

How long have you been doing this?
Our owners have been doing all forms of Internet marketing since 2003. However, the unique opportunities of using big data and AI to obtain clients for attorneys is new technology. This is something we have been focusing our attention on since 2018.
Can I talk to your current clients?
At Rhino AI Marketing, we have a company policy of not revealing our current and past clients. We respect their privacy. Also, a variety of factors can affect individual results. However, we have been doing this long enough to have baseline statistics that we can share when you book a free strategy call with us.
Can you get me prospects for a mass tort, class action, or some other unique need?
Perhaps. There are several questions we would want to ask first. Then, there are multiple options that we can review with you. Please press the button at the top of the page to schedule a free strategy call and we'll work out the details together.
What other services do you offer besides AI Advertising?
We have experience and expertise on our teams to handle SEO, Advertising, Social Media, and many other unique forms of Internet marketing. We are currently primarily focused on using our data and AI because it gets the best results. But if you have another need or would like consulting on any other form of marketing, let us know. We love having strategy calls with attorneys. Press the button to schedule a free conversation.
How do you handle compliance?
In our experience, compliance is seldom an issue. We've worked through this and are confident we are compliant with all Bar Associations in every state. The only challenging state is Florida. But we can work through the details with you. Of course, we are not lawyers, you are. So, we provide everything you need to ensure compliance but will rely on your expertise to confirm this.