The 4 Online Methods to Get More Clients

You want more clients.

You know that online marketing brings results. But what exactly should you do online to be efficient and reap results? I’ve been doing all forms of online marketing since 2002. I also am the majority owner of Rhino AI Marketing, which specializes in helping personal injury attorneys.

So… Here are the four primary methods for getting more clients for a personal injury attorney. This is simply a quick explanation of the pros and cons. Book a call with us if you’d like to discuss any of this.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is probably the first option that most consider. If you have a website, you want Google to send people to it. You want them to send the right potential clients to you. I have owned my own SEO Agency and have been the director at another. I know what this takes. I know it works.

There is a lot to love about SEO. When done right, it can bring a lot of clients and “free” traffic. The biggest challenges to SEO are finding an SEO agency you can trust and having the patience to wait for it to work. It takes a lot of effort and time. It has no promise of reward, and it can most definitely be done wrong, if you hire the wrong person.

SEO is not something you typically want to do yourself. It is too competitive. It involves keyword research, on-site edits, and link building. The attorney space is crowded and competitive. Choose wisely if you pick someone to do this for you, and be prepared to wait.

Local Search

Another option which can be closely connected to SEO is trying to rank in the local listings. There is some baseline work that should definitely be done by every law firm, not just personal injury ones. For example, create and claim your listing in Google (and elsewhere). Everyone should.

However, after that, getting ranked in local listings including Google can be a challenge. Getting good reviews, the location of your law firm’s address and citations around the web that include your company name and address are critical. But nothing guarantees success. Google’s algorithms for this are complicated and changing regularly, too.

Social Media

Some have tried to build up their social media presence and following in an attempt to build their network. This is something you can definitely do yourself or internally. The options are endless and the cost is time, not money.

Time and time again, it has been proven that some brands, companies, and industries are naturally more “likable”. For example, Oreos has no problem getting attention. But it has been our experience that this form of marketing takes more time and gains little results. We recommend just doing some basic best practices.

Online Advertising

Online advertising can take many forms. You can advertise on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc). You can advertise on other websites (using Google Display Advertising for example). You can advertise on search engines for specific phrases.

All of this is easy to get started with. However, you should know going in that advertising for attorneys is one of the most competitive and expensive industries to do advertising in. Depending on who you target and how you target them, individual clicks can cost $50 according to a study at WordStream. That is, you pay $50 for every person that clicks on your ad, regardless of if they become a lead or client.

We have a unique way of gaining leads for clients primarily using online advertising and specifically for personal injury attorneys. If you’d like to learn more, you can read how we do it here or simply schedule a call to see how we can put our expertise to work for you.